The withdrawal of a student at any time after enrolment or re-enrolment reduces the school’s revenue, but not its’ operating costs. It may also affect decisions and commitments regarding staffing and class configurations that have already been made. Therefore, once a student is enrolled or re-enrolled at Westmont Montessori, the parents/guardians are expected to make a financial commitment for the full year. However, there are sometimes serious, unforeseen circumstances that cause a parent/guardian to permanently withdraw a student.

• Parents/guardians who withdraw a student at any time after enrolment/re-enrolment must provide a minimum of one calendar month’s written notice, no later than the first day of the month (or pay one month’s tuition in lieu).

• In the event of permanent withdrawal due to the death of a student or serious medical reasons as certified by a legally qualified physician or surgeon, the school will return the remaining tuition and the deposit, less any outstanding arrears.

• In the event of permanent withdrawal for any other reason, including dismissal, the parent/guardian forfeits the Student Deposit and any tuition paid to date (including any payments made over the summer), and is expected to settle any outstanding arrears (if applicable). If tuition has been paid in full, the school will refund the equivalent of the remaining monthly installment payments, based on the 12 month payment plan. When agreed to at the time of enrolment, a probation period of 90 calendar days commencing the first day of attendance will be in effect. In rare cases that the student is required to permanently withdraw during this probationary period, the Principal with Board approval may waive this forfeit.

• If tuition is being paid in installments the parent/guardian is expected to stop payment on the remaining installments.

• In the event of a temporary absence of a student, the parent/guardian is required to continue to pay tuition installments.