Westmont School is operated by the Western Communities Montessori Society (WCMS) a non-profit society registered under the B.C. Societies Act.

The WCMS is governed by a volunteer board of directors elected by the Society membership at the Annual General Meeting. All of Westmont’s parents/guardians are required to be members of the society and are encouraged to actively participate in the democratic process by attending and voting at the Annual General Meeting.

The board is the keeper of the Mission and Guiding Principles of the WCMS. It sets policy, establishes the budget (including tuition fees), and employs the school principal. The Board has several committees to help it do its job. These include: Finance, Site, New Building, Leadership, Marketing, Teaching and Academic Excellence.

Westmont’s Principal is responsible for the operation of the school. The Principal hires and supervises the staff, leads the development of curriculum, and handles the day-to-day administration and financial management of the school. The Principal is accountable to the board of directors.

Children in Montessori classrooms, by the very nature of the environment, learn to respect one another and build a sense of community.

Vision 2020: Our Strategic Plan

Our vision is of a school that provides world class Montessori education now and for generations to come.

A Strong History

West-Mont Montessori School has links to the first Montessori school in the Victoria area, The Montessori School, founded by Mrs. Marian Thomas in 1954 on Selwyn Road in Langford. When the building was destroyed by fire in 1958, the school relocated to Duke Road in Metchosin – just a few minutes away from our current location.

Over the following years West-Mont relocated several times, finally renting a space in a Marwood Avenue property adjacent to the Luxton Fair Grounds. In 1998 West-Mont moved to the current property – a lovely eight-acre site on Metchosin Road. Since then it has flourished into a unique and innovative independent school serving students from Early Primary through Grade 8.

West-Mont School is currently operated by the Western Communities Montessori Society (WCMS) which was established in 1984. The WCMS is a registered charity and non-profit society under the Society Act of BC, and is comprised of parents, grandparents and other members of the community who share West-Mont’s vision. In 2008 West-Mont was recognized for “More than 40 years of Outstanding Child Care” by the Ministry of Family and Children.

A Vibrant Present

West-Mont is well known for its exceptional Montessori Programs from Preschool to Grade 8. The family oriented learning environment takes an individual approach to learning where students are challenged to be the best they can be from early primary through to their middle years. The 2014/15 school year saw two significant milestones in the evolution of our school. The first was the introduction of the re-envisioned Middle School Program. In line with core Montessori principles this program brings together grades 7 and 8 in a learning environment that is specifically tailored to the developmental and academic needs of the 13 and 14 year olds. The close coordination between parents, teachers and students in the program has been a notable success and we are eager to expand this program in the years ahead. With the introduction of the new Middle School program in 2014, West-Mont realized the long held dream to have the entire school offering a full Montessori based education. We are enormously gratified that students who start with us in the Early Primary classes will be able to experience the benefits of a Montessori education all the way through to grade 8. The impacts of these shifts on the school have been profound – felt across curriculum, the physical spaces, professional development and the student experience. As we move ahead we are committed to building on the strong foundations laid over the last five years.

An Exciting Path Ahead

West-Mont School is at a point of a step change in our evolution. Over the next 5 years, West-Mont can expect to continue the process of settling into its pedagogy and building on current initiatives. Based on the retention of current families and interest from new families looking to enroll, the school’s population that currently sits at 180 could plausibly rise to 240 by the year 2020. We welcome the associated cycle of reflection, learning and change. In order to provide focus for this upcoming change, this strategic plan was developed over a 4-month period in the spring of 2015, under the direction of the Principal, using a multi-faceted consultative approach across our entire stakeholder group. What follows is the distilled essence of many hours of thought and discussion. The Goals and Objectives outlined below will set the path for the next five years of growth.

Meet the Westmont Board of Directors

David Caughran

David Caughran

Board President


Mike Bobbitt

Mike Bobbitt


Mike graduated from the University of Victoria with a BSc. Biology in Plant Physiology and a minor in Marine Biology. He worked at Forestry Canada as a research technician, as a gardener at Butchart Gardens and in the horticulture industry as a Certified Arborist before obtaining his teaching degree in 2002. Mike completed his MEd from UVic in First Nations and Aboriginal Education in 2007. Mike has worked for School District 62 (Sooke) for fourteen years, six as Vice Principal, and is currently assigned to Royal Bay Secondary School.

He is very active in his community and shares his interests of food production, mountain biking, hiking and paddle boarding with his wife and two sons.

Mike is passionate about education and excited to be a board member for West-Mont Montessori School. He endevours to share his experiences in education and strives to contribute to the amazing learning environment at Westmont. Mike’s older son has been enrolled at West-Mont since 2015 and his younger son will be attending in September 2016.

Matthew Walsh

Matthew Walsh


Matthew operates his own consulting company working as a land agent for major infrastructure projects in BC. During this work he negotiates with land owners to acquire the land required for the project. He has completed a Diploma of Urban Land Economics from UBC and holds both the Canadian Residential Appraiser designation from the Appraisal Institute of Canada and the RI(BC) designation from the Real Estate Institute of BC. The Walsh family joined Westmont in 2015 with their two oldest daughters attending the Early Primary program.


Contact the Board

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