Our Beautiful Property

Westmont School is located on eight beautiful acres adjacent to Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park in Metchosin. Our property features a protected Garry Oak meadow, a well established Learning Garden, a pond overlooked by a boardwalk, a playing field, separate early primary/elementary/middle school playgrounds, and of course the early primary/elementary and middle school buildings.

Exploring Nature at Our Doorstep

• We are just moments from Sitting Lady Falls, Witty’s Lagoon and Witty’s Beach, where a world of fascinating learning experiences awaits our students.

• Within its 56-hectares, a network of trails winds through a mixed Douglas-fir forest and around the lagoon. Running through the forest is Bilston Creek, its edges laced with delicate Lady Fern. The creek tumbles toward “Sitting Lady Falls” which spills over volcanic rock into the lagoon.

• Driftwood-strewn beach at Witty’s Lagoon Beach trail passes a salt marsh, lined with gnarly Garry oak and arbutus trees, and beyond leads onto a sandy beach.

• Because of this proximity, experiencing science and nature is a mere walk through the gate.

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