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Our vision is to provide a world class Montessori education to each and every student who comes through our doors.

Imagine a school where students are encouraged to challenge themselves across all their abilities, where they can find their balance and push their boundaries however they choose.

“ Movement, or physical activity, is an essential factor in intellectual growth, which depends upon the impressions received from outside. Through movement we come in contact with external reality, and it is through these contacts that we eventually acquire even abstract ideas.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori

active lifestyles

Westmont offers an educational environment that is both dynamic and engaging. Students move around their classroom and our campus, constrained only by the limits of their imagination and curiosity. Our students are active learners in every sense of the word and are laying the foundations for an active and healthy life.

Programs You Are Supporting …

In 2011 parents and staff came together and raised the funds to build our amazing bouldering wall in the gym. Every student can now practice their technique (or just monkey around). Working on the wall is not only great for agility and strength — it is also a lot of fun! The wall is always available for teachers to add to their classes weekly activities and offers a unique and fun way for students to challenge themselves and build in a love of all forms of movement.
Westmont is surrounded by some of the most stunning and beautiful natural settings on the Island, including Witty’s Lagoon, Sitting Lady Falls, and the Garry Oak Reserve. Creatively engaging with and learning from our natural world is at the heart of the Westmont experience. From the very start of their time at Westmont, students spend time each day exploring, learning about, and interacting with their natural environment. Where else can a day at school include beachcombing, views of an active volcano (Mt Baker) and the roaring of a waterfall in flood?
Every summer our Grade 4 – 6 students head out to Camp Thunderbird for a week of activities, fun and adventure – fully funded by their popcorn sales during the year. Memories of canoeing on the lake and eating marshmallows by the fire will stay with them forever. The opportunity to explore the world beyond the classroom and outside regular school hours reinforces the love of learning and exploration that is at the heart of a Montessori education.
In the spirit of collective effort and fun the school enters into the Inter School Track Meet every July. Students experience the thrill of performing in the Centennial Stadium at UVic and testing their athletic prowess against students from around the region. We have had some great individual performances over the years, but most importantly we see our students working as a team, encouraging each other, and building confidence and joy in their physical being.

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“Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori

creative spirits

Westmont seeks to build connections with new and established artists in our community and beyond – working to enrich the cultural life of our school and our community. Whether it is mime or music, acting or voice lessons, our students have the opportunity to learn and grow through performance and creative expression.

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We are lucky at Westmont to have connections with some internationally renowned artists. Students have been mentored and supported by these artists as they work on some of our performance pieces for the Winter Celebrations, opening ceremonies or the much loved talent show. Whether it is mime or music, acting or voice lessons, our students have grasped the opportunity to learn and grow through performance with both hands.
Westmont offers many paths for our students to explore music in its myriad forms. Students can learn and practice their keyboard skills on the grand piano in the main hall or join in with the marimba classes. We have a parent-lead choir that has been a great success and generated interest in building a band program in the school. Westmont has also been open to visiting musicians – broadening and deepening the experience of music offered to the students.
We see ourselves as a vital part of our local community. Opening our doors to community events and welcoming artists and performers is part of our commitment to giving back. We host an element of The Stinking Fish Art Show in the fall of every year. This show is a much loved local event that brings together and showcases the many artists who live in and around Metchosin and Sooke. Our own students put on an annual art exhibition and also put forward their pieces at the Independent Schools Art Show. Building connections across community and among new and established artists enriches the cultural life of our school and our community.
As part of a vibrant and engaged community, Westmont is happy to open our doors to others who can bring their own unique talents, passions, and joy to our school. One way we achieve this is by collaborating with local artists like Paul Hann, Holly Arntzen, and Trent Arteberry. This artist-in-residence program has proven to be very successful. Students work together as a team with the artist in a positive, creative, and fun environment. They collaborate in creating their own performances and even their own songs. They then work together on the many tasks involved in preparing for an end-of-session concert. It is always a fun, uplifting experience as students share their work with family, teachers, and friends.

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“The land is where our roots are. Children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth. We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori

engaged minds

From imaginative international ‘trips’; through working with local gardeners to learn about our natural environment; to supporting Malawian girls to complete their education, Westmont strives to connect the everyday world of our school with the wider currents
of the global community.

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Westmont has always believed that our students need to have an understanding and awareness of the wider world. All our classes bring this perspective to their daily activities. We have ‘trips’ to far flung nations, snapshots of other cultures are brought in to discussions and explorations, and many of our staff bring international experience to bear on their teaching role. Westmont strives to connect the everyday world of the school with the wider currents of the global community.
Every year our students learn about the life cycle of the Pacific Salmon — an iconic species of British Columbia. The students actively engage with these amazing creatures by raising young salmon from eggs and releasing them into their natural habitat in local watersheds. Direct involvement in this cycle of renewal and rebirth brings a deep understanding of and connection to our natural environments and fosters a respect and love of the indigenous ecosystems of Vancouver Island.
Building empathy and understanding for others is central to the ethos of our school. Westmont seeks to extend this perspective beyond the bounds of school, community, and nation. We are committed to seeing our students graduate with a strong sense of the wider world and their role in it. Malawi Toonie days are interspersed throughout the year and focus attention on children in Malawi and in particular to raise funds to support the education of Ucleaner. Westmont students begin their journey towards global citizenship with these small but important steps.
Westmont has a large garden area on our property that has been a much loved space since we moved to our current site. We are working to transform this space into a true “learning garden.” We see the garden becoming a true extension of the classroom — allowing students to explore the nature of agriculture, practice land stewardship, and foster a passion for nature. Our plans include the building of raised beds for students to tend and the planting of numerous crops and seedling fruit trees for students to harvest. We even have plans to include a small sheep pasture!

“I am convinced that happy, healthy children understand how their personal, social, and natural worlds are connected.” – Jen McAllister, Learning Garden Coordinator

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